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Reaching out for Guanaja

Greetings to you all! I am Mindi Bennett DeLancey, and I am your OTHER full-time missionary with Teach Them To Fish Microindustries. (I also happen to be John DeLancey’s wife!)  I have been on the island now since June of 2020, and am so… Continue Reading “Reaching out for Guanaja”

an amazing family

It’s been a great summer of growth and organization! The island is finally coming back to life. The ships and tourists are coming and our micro family is breathing a little easier. The greatest growth in our micros is Tropical Wood Works lead by… Continue Reading “an amazing family”

We’ve got two going to university!

Hello, friends! As Honduras, along with the rest of the world, begins to slowly open up again and we start to remember what it is like to have a life outside of a global pandemic, we have some very promising and exciting things to… Continue Reading “We’ve got two going to university!”

We continue to Grow…

We are growing! We have already moved to a larger store than we had originally planned – all the way up to 130 sq ft! Woo hoo! Actually, it is exactly the right amount of space to showcase the different microindustries with whom we… Continue Reading “We continue to Grow…”

The Page Turns…

We are happy to report that the government of Honduras didn’t close the borders or reinstitute the lockdown. As the island slowly recovers, the need for providing meals to so many has, thanks be to God, lessened. There is still need but it has… Continue Reading “The Page Turns…”

Reflecting on the year…

It has certainly been a wild ride this year but things are a little better here. Since we are no longer locked down (at the moment – more on that), islanders are finding ways to make ends meet until tourism returns. There are still… Continue Reading “Reflecting on the year…”

thanksgiving… truly

Thanksgiving is just behind us but the gratitude for the support being shown for us remains. First, I’d like to thank the United Thank Offering (UTO), the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras, the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi, and Trinity Episcopal Church of Hattiesburg for getting… Continue Reading “thanksgiving… truly”

Like we didn’t already have enough problems…

As I am writing this, we are in the middle of our second hurricane in as many weeks. This one is twice the size of the last one. We were already in pretty poor shape but this is catastrophic. Homes and bridges on the… Continue Reading “Like we didn’t already have enough problems…”

A New Missionary and a New Hurricane? Coincidence? I Think not…

We are growing! Teach Them To Fish is proud to announce an addition to our ministry of one Natalia Walsh. Natalia has hit the ground running. She is already in the kitchen helping to cook, out on the line serving, and meeting with the… Continue Reading “A New Missionary and a New Hurricane? Coincidence? I Think not…”

You’ll Have to Forgive me…

I am sorry I could not write this entry any sooner but my heart simply could not take it. We have lost one of our very own in a tragic and senseless way. Doug Geddes was one of my best friends on the island.… Continue Reading “You’ll Have to Forgive me…”