We’ve got two going to university!

Hello, friends! As Honduras, along with the rest of the world, begins to slowly open up again and we start to remember what it is like to have a life outside of a global pandemic, we have some very promising and exciting things to share with you! There has been a small uptick in tourism now that flights are regularly scheduled into and out of Roatan, and we are seeing activity in the larger resorts and restaurants. This has eased some of the sheer desperation of many islanders and has provided some jobs again. There are rumors that one cruise line is coming next month. What a blessing!

In addition to opening a retail store for our microindustries, we are very happy to announce a new program to further the education of some of our participants. Full tuition is awarded to attend a local university in an approved major(one that supports the microindustry in which they are working). To qualify, you have to be participating in one of the microindustries we manage for at least a year. To continue to be in the program, you have to maintain an average of 3.0 (B average) and continue to work in the microindusry during degree completion. These are four-year degrees that can truly change the course of the participant’s lives and that of their families and community

Currently, Carmen, the manager for Roatan Glass Art, is taking courses toward a degree in business administration. In addition to keeping RGA running, she has a beautiful seven-year-old daughter named Nahomy. She has been with us for two years and continues to be a strong, unifying presence. She was the right person to have in charge through this very difficult year.

Jessy, the bookkeeper for RGA, Roatan Glass Recycling, and Microindustry Missions Market, is our second participant in this new program. Her degree will be in computer technology. She is the mother of two adorable boys, a twelve-year-old named Jafete and a five-year-old named Isaac. She has been with us from the beginning. Not only is she a reliable bookkeeper but she makes truly beautiful earrings and necklaces with Roatan Glass Art.

We are looking for sponsors to help support these women so they can continue their education for the next four years. We are also establishing a fund to support other hardworking Hondurans to get their degrees as well. The total for four courses being offered to participants cost an average of $125 a month. That amount includes tuition, annual registration, and books. Please help these ladies and others reach their goals of self-sufficiency and higher education.

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