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We are happy to report that the government of Honduras didn’t close the borders or reinstitute the lockdown. As the island slowly recovers, the need for providing meals to so many has, thanks be to God, lessened. There is still need but it has been significantly reduced. Because of this, we are, indeed, moving the soup kitchen and its responsibilities over to Emmanuel Episcopal as they complete building a room to act as a community kitchen. We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the donations that helped us prepare over 16,800 meals for those that truly needed it. Now we can return to our original mission – self sustenance.

We are very excited about opening a store in the Macaw Market to sell the products being produced by the microindustries here. Most of the original inventory will be provided by Roatan Glass Art. As you may know, it was started over two years ago and is still hanging in there despite two hurricanes, the pandemic, and the loss of tourism. These are very special ladies that continue to work hard to support their families. Our store, in the pictures below, is a whopping 80 square feet! Yep, most likely your bathroom is larger than this store but it is a place to start. It is in a ‘mall’ of sorts made entirely out of shipping containers. We are one of 28 stores that will market to the locals until tourism returns.

We are also very excited to send two of the ladies that have worked with us for a long time in Roatan Glass Art to the local university. Our manager, Carmen, is going for a degree in business administration and Jessy, our accountant, is going for a degree in computer science. We will be looking for sponsors for these and other members in our microindustries soon. Amazingly, it is only $100 a month for each lady to pursue their educational dream. I am hoping there will be some out there that will help.

We will be changing the website a bit to break out the programs we are supporting. We will describe these programs in detail so you will know where your money is going and what it is doing. Right now we are looking at two fused glass microindustry missions, a wood lathe microindustry, a soap making microindustry, an acrylic painting microindustry, a wind chime microindustry, and a glass recycling microindustry. We are also looking into a tuition program to send members of these groups to specialized education to better their chances at success.

As we begin our new journey in developing the glass recycling shop, soap making, and other crafts and our continued journey in current missions, we hope you will join us in these life-changing projects. We invite you all to come see the difference your prayers and support have made. These are loving, hard working people that only need a little help to make their lives and that of their church and communities better. Join us in the love that Christ shows to all of His children.

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