thanksgiving… truly

Thanksgiving is just behind us but the gratitude for the support being shown for us remains. First, I’d like to thank the United Thank Offering (UTO), the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras, the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi, and Trinity Episcopal Church of Hattiesburg for getting me here. With a combined effort of all of these, I was able to move here and get established as an ‘on the ground’ missionary to develop microindustries so that people here could support themselves. What that became was a life-saving mission to feed starving people in the wake of a pandemic and two hurricanes. This was truly a ‘God thing’.

Second, I like to thank those that continue to step up when we run low on money in the soup kitchen. We had a few large donations and many smaller. We had several that were made in celebration of the life of one the of soup kitchen founders, Doug Geddes. We had a large donation made because of the number of children we are feeding. Other donations were made by lovers of Roatan and the Honduran people and still others friends supporting friends doing God’s work. I love you all.

Third, I’d like to thank the whole team down here.  Emmanuel Episcopal with Father Nelson, Revda Kara, and Father Bob are our hosts on the island.  It is on that property that we built the recycling-shop-turned-soup-kitchen.  They have supported the microindustry mission from the beginning and now this soup kitchen.  I am also thankful for the community volunteers that come to cook, work, and serve as well as the expats that do the same.  I am also very thankful for the addition of two more missionaries, Mindi and Natalia.  The fact that we have actually grown during all this is nothing short of a miracle.

Last, I thank God every single day for this life. I feel like I am where He wants me to be doing what He wants me to do. I have so much love and purpose in my life that it humbles me. I never dared dream that life could be so good. God bless and thank you all.

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