Like we didn’t already have enough problems…

As I am writing this, we are in the middle of our second hurricane in as many weeks. This one is twice the size of the last one. We were already in pretty poor shape but this is catastrophic. Homes and bridges on the mainland are being washed away, food supplies are being wiped out, and people are dying.

We won’t be able to safely cook and distribute the food this week and we are running very short on funds. Food prices are rising because the infrastructure of the mainland is compromised and the weather is hindering ships delivering scarely available supplies to the islands. Our vegetable supplies were 30% more expensive last week than they were the week before the first hurricane. No idea how much higher prices will be after this week. We may have to switch to canned meats and vegetables.

There have already been a few lovely people donating to help us out in the last few days but we are nearly out of funds to feed people that may not even have a dry floor on which to sleep for weeks to come. People already battling COVID-19 and the devastation of the last hurricane are going to be getting sick from the foul, standing water, lack of decent food, and insufficient medical care. Our brothers and sisters are in a desperate and life threatening situation. Please help however you can. God bless you all.

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