A New Missionary and a New Hurricane? Coincidence? I Think not…

We are growing! Teach Them To Fish is proud to announce an addition to our ministry of one Natalia Walsh. Natalia has hit the ground running. She is already in the kitchen helping to cook, out on the line serving, and meeting with the local priests and pastors about program opportunities. She has been teaching and ministering on mainland Honduras in the Copan region for the last five years. Welcome Ms. Natalia!

And yes, we have hurricane Eta heading this way. Although not particularly a worry for structural damage here from wind, it will dump a tremendous amount of rain on islands and the country if it follows the predicted path and timeline. Mudslides are almost guaranteed with that kind of rain causing a multitude of problems when there is only one main road.

We have now served over 12,000 meals… Praise God! We are most certainly not going to be able to serve this week but we have steadily fed between 600 and 700 a week from your generous donations. We are hoping that we will be able to serve again next week. Statistically, it appears that 400 of the 600 being fed are children of less than 10 years old. Please keep us in your prayers and consider donating to help them. This storm is going to further strain the scarce resources we have on the island.

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  1. Natasha is my flesh and blood sister… she is fortunate to have you and you to have her. She is a good girl with a big heart and so full of talent… In the immortal words of Rush Limbaugh: “Talent on loan from God”

    Her brother,
    Tony & Eve

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