You’ll Have to Forgive me…

I am sorry I could not write this entry any sooner but my heart simply could not take it. We have lost one of our very own in a tragic and senseless way. Doug Geddes was one of my best friends on the island. He was central to my everyday life. He helped to start and sustain the soup kitchen. He was in my bible study group and church group. He was a dive buddy every Thursday and took the most beautiful pictures of the dives we made together. We all could relive those dives from his pictures. We talked about future projects and fishing trips. And now he is gone. It took 11 days from being healthy to leaving this Earth. If you even suspect that you have the virus, get a test, if not for your own sake, get it for those you love.

As the outpouring of love comes to his wife, Susan, and his kids, I am astounded at how many have said, ‘He was my best friend’. I have always thought that phrase engendered some kind of exclusivity. I thought if he was my best friend that I was his. It turns out he was THE best friend to many. He was just that kind of a man. He made you feel loved, significant, and somehow proud that a man like that could be your best friend. What a rare quality it is for a human to possess. I can only hope that I can learn some of how to do that before it is my time.

The soup kitchen that he helped create is doing a little better, financially, after our last appeal for donations but more is needed if we want to continue to serve. Doug was also our largest fundraiser and safety officer. We are still feeding between 600 and 700 people a week as the situation here becomes even more dire. Two other people in our group have tested positive and have been quarantined. Everyone else has tested negative so we have continued cooking and serving with even tighter safety measures.

It now makes me quite angry when someone minimizes the effects of this deadly virus. It has claimed one of mine and I will never be the same. If this sounds like I am taking this personally, I am. Please wear a mask and keep your distance. Do this for the health of other people, the ones that can’t overcome it.

Please keep Susan, Doug’s family, and all of his friends in your prayers. We are all devasted by his loss.

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