Along Came Nana…

Thank you all for the prayers and concern for the tropical storm, Nana, that blew past us. I guess the worst thing I heard was that the hospital in Coxen Hole was flooded with about two feet of water. Otherwise, we had heavy rain and some mud slides but nothing to complain about. She moved through quickly so rain levels didn’t get too high. The mainland had it worse than we did but still it wasn’t as bad as some storms of the past. Looks like it’s going to be a record hurricane season.

We were not able to feed people last week due to the storm but will resume this week. Our goal this week is 750. We are adding a group of about 150 out in Oak Ridge. This is the community that donated the rice cooker so it only seems fair that they can be fed from it. We were also able to buy a stove and larger, used refrigerator from donations originating in Father Bob’s church in New Jersey. We are very grateful.

We will soon be adding another option to the website to highlight other ministries on the island that are working as hard as we are to help the people here. There is so much need on so many levels that I thought some lovely people out there would be particularly touched by what these other ministries are doing. I meet with them weekly and can vouch for their commitment, honestly, and sincerity.

Please keep us in your prayers.  We appreciate any financial support you can provide. God bless you all.

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