You win some… You lose some…

It’s the story of life… 🙂 Some weeks ago we had a lovely, massive, commercial rice cooker and a standard home range/oven donated. The oven worked straight away and we put it to work. The rice cooker, however, had some internal issue that prevented it from working. We called the electrician to fix it but it needed some part he couldn’t find. Fast forward to last week and, praise the Lord, someone found a part and repaired the rice cooker. If you haven’t guessed already, the oven died the same week. Called the electrician, a gecko got somewhere it wasn’t supposed to and fried some really important circuit. The repair cost is roughly equivalent to the cost of a new stove. Living here requires a bit of patience and a heavy reliance on religion…

Honestly, I feel so blessed by all of this that I am hard-pressed to get to angry or even annoyed. To actively serve God is such a joy that it is hard to describe. Seeing hungry children fed digs deeply into the heart and soul. I heard one child say to another, ‘what wonderful food!’. Sounds simple but I promise you, everyone that heard her just melted.

Please keep us in your prayers. People are getting desperate down here. $50 feeds over 100 people. Please consider donating to help feed the people of Roatan. May the Peace of our Lord be with you always.

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COVID-19: Until this crisis is over, TTTF is repurposing the recycling shop to be a soup kitchen. 85% of the population relies on tourism that will not return for months to come. ALL donations will be directed toward food and supplies for the people of Roatan.

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