Over 5000 served…

I hope that doesn’t sound like a McDonald’s billboard. It has been a labor of love. We have been locked down over 150 days now. It appears that we may, finally, be getting to the end of this ordeal at least in terms of movement. Flights are getting in and the ferry will soon be going again. It is a mostly internal, domestic openings but it is a welcomed beginning. Some businesses are beginning to open and we are hoping this dreaded, once-out-every-two-weeks digit system will go away next week. Keep your fingers crossed for us (we are certainly keeping ours).

We are changing the menu a tiny bit this week. We are substituting couscous for the rice (a shout out to our Louisiana contingent). The price is about the same and varies the meal preparation a bit but gets a little variety in the meal. We have also been asked to make spaghetti with hot dogs (who knew?) as another option. Oddly, our soup kitchen hasn’t actually served soup… 🙂

We are still serving 600 meals a week and hoping to get enough in donations to increase that to 1000. I know money is tight for everyone and we are very grateful for the support you have shown. We are still months away from tourism returning in sufficient levels to change the economic conditions here. Petty crime is on the rise as people become desperate to feed their families. Please consider helping the people of Roatan get a meal.

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