A little more on that story…

Once again, because of your generous donations, we were blessed to be able to feed over 600 last week. We also wanted to share a few more details regarding a specific community and their donor. We had a lovely donor by the name of Charlotte who donated for a specific community close to her heart. She also suggested using a donation as a way to tithe. This story, however, is about the impact of this one donation.

Charlotte asked if we could feed the diving community at Turquoise Bay and also provide them with food bags. Her gift was generous enough that we could do this AND have enough left over to feed about 800 more. (Food bags were $10 each and we have the cost per plate down to about 50 cents). Beans, rice, sugar, flour, milk, lard, TP, and salt were put into plastic bags by one of the members of Emmanuel and distributed with the meal. It was enough for a family of four for a week. You would not believe the looks of joy and relief on the faces of all who received them. It is truly a blessing and an honor to serve God’s people, and we are humbled and so grateful for your support, prayers, and your generous donations. You are making a tremendous difference here!!!
Blessings to you all!

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