Over 600 meals last week…

Blessings continue. We have gotten the routine down pretty well now. We have about 12 volunteers coming in twice a week to prepare and distribute meals all over the island. We are working with pastors and business leaders to locate the most impoverished and least served areas on the island. This week we added a small orphanage in Gravel Bay. We can only show you the plates (below) and not the children due to government regulations but they simply beamed at having someone care enough about them to bring them food.

The number of people in the areas we already serve is increasing as the word spreads. We have gotten the cost per plate below 50 cents and are still providing enough protein and calories to survive. We will have to hold at 600 until more donations come in but our goal is still to feed 1000 a week to the end of this crisis. We are all very grateful for the love and support you are all showing. Thank you so much!

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COVID-19: Until this crisis is over, TTTF is repurposing the recycling shop to be a soup kitchen. 85% of the population relies on tourism that will not return for months to come. ALL donations will be directed toward food and supplies for the people of Roatan.

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