We’re Growing…

We had a fabulous last week. With your help, we were able to serve over 440 men, women, and children! This week we are shooting for 500. We have changed the original strategy of serving from feeding the neighborhood around the church to going out in teams to feed those most desperate. Statistically, we are feeding more children than anyone else. There is one neighborhood we are serving that are children of those struggling with drug addiction. It is both heartwarming and heartbreaking to see the grateful, smiling faces of those children when they are handed a plate of food. They don’t even walk away before they start eating. It is for those faces, in particular, that I am personally so driven.

In website news, the donation page is FIXED! By an act of congress and assistance from the website support staff (who blew up the page with an update to begin with), the page has been repaired. It looks a bit different but functions well.

We have also added a feature for some of you who have requested it – Automatic Recurring Donations. Basically, you can set whatever amount you want to give over whatever time period you would like to give it. It was requested so a smaller amount could be given over a period of time.

Please pray for the people here. The situation continues to worsen as the lockdown continues. We are supposed to open internally later this month but there will still be no tourism for a very long time.

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