More Blessings

We are getting some donations in (THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH) and getting settled into our routine. Last week we feed about 199 people and this week 232+. We are continuing to go to the dump for those 50 or so adults and children and visiting specific areas that are in the direst of need. We are find a number of elderly women that are essentially abandoned and we are working hard to see their needs are met. I can say, without a doubt, that some people would not have eaten at all had we not brought it to them. From them and us to you, Thank you.

We also are getting organized enough to feed even more. We had a refrigerator donated (Thank you Doug and Susan Geddes) so we can store food between cookings. Next week our goal is to make two meals for at least 400 people. We will smoke 20 or so chickens for both meals and distribute them on Wednesday and Friday. The ultimate goal is 300 people three times a week but you have to walk before you run. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

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